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Rising before the sun is quite possibly my favorite time of day. Or perhaps it’s become a favorite. There is a moment where the light surrounds herself hugging the night sky into anew. The air smells clean, the streets empty, there’s a humming that vibrates the drums of the ears. It’s soft and stirring us to awaken. This morning I taught my first class at Solfire Yoga before the sun swayed her way into the sky. One of the most beautiful mornings spent breathing with students and ringing in our day. Together. So grateful for the Solfire Yoga family. Came home to practice while one love headed out the door and the other snuggled in his sheets. Delicious morning. #thankyou


Sometimes the only way to surface is to go through the fire. Don’t be afraid to sit with your pain. Feel it. Every moment of doubt, of insecurity, of heartache is an opportunity for you to grow. It’s the universe nudging you in the right direction, unveiling the things you have been clinging to that it’s time to let go of. Even trauma can be turned around and made into something valuable. Especially trauma. Be thankful for everything that comes your way - even the difficult things. There is a reason you are in this right now. Step into the fire. Don’t shrink back.

Your light shines brightest in the darkest of nights.

#love #fear #live #letgo #breathe #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #beach #purpose #inspiration #life

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